There are many areas of science and technology which require information about concentration of aerosol in a gas phase and their size distribution. Clean rooms, production of electronic components and microchips, nanotechnology, meteorology and public health are just few areas out of large range of consumers of such knowledge. The crucial issue related to nanoparticle and aerosol is based on a fact that properties of single molecules and atoms are significantly different compared to the properties of similar materials presented in bulk form in both liquid and solid states. Nanoparticle could basically be treated as some intermediate stage of transformation between phases, justifying importance of accurate quantification and control of size distribution and concentration of aerosols, which are the main characteristics of the system responsible for properties of final products. In addition, based on experience gained after Chernobyl disaster along with more recent eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano, it is clear that nanoparticles and atmospheric aerosols play a crucial role in global ecological situation. After Chernobyl disaster they took a role of carriers of radioactive contamination of the atmosphere, which informed the whole world about the disaster just few hours after the event. Eruption of the Icelandic volcano was associated with emission of giant quantities of aerosols into the atmosphere entirely paralysing all activities of airlines, which caused enormous economic damage and significant social impact. On this basis, it could be stated that monitoring and control of nanoparticles is important research and technological issue, which plays a crucial role in many areas of human activities and public health. Our new developed aerosol instruments are capable to reliably acquire comprehensive information about nanoparticle size distribution and concentration within a minute. It works in real time mode and displays the results immediately on the built-in large colour monitor. The instruments could be used for clean room monitoring, nanoparticle manufacturing, aerosol research and development, public health, and many other areas.



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